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What makes our service completely secure?

Secure remote access technology forms the foundational basis for the online computer help that we offer.  We operate via a website that is SSL encrypted. Our services are powered by the reliability of Advanced Encryption Standards also known as AES operating in the 128-bit encryption mode where the stream of data transmitted via mouse and keyboard inputs is secured by virtue of several layers of strictly coded passwords.


The access password that you trust us with to help you out with our remote computer service is not stored in any of our servers.  And, you can be assured that we do not sell your contact details or identity information to anyone.  We do not spam or hack and we are reliable.


What makes you feel completely under control with respect to deciding on the kind of service you avail from us?

We prove the reliability of our service by providing you with several security features like lockout protection, timing out due to inactivation, and blanking of host screen.  We also provide you with the power to lock our host keyboard and mouse if you need to.  For the most part, our Tech Support Team are well-trained with respect to providing a respectful online PC support service, without misusing the right to access, the client’s personal or business computer for service purposes.


In cases where our technician has not been working actively on your screen, the access right automatically gets nullified due to the technology that disconnects accessibility due to reasons like inactivity in the screen beyond an acceptable duration of time.  Anytime, you have the power to lock out our access to your computers for reasons related to violation due to access to denied data, unless you have personally authorized it.


Therefore, you can be assured that the remote online computer help we offer is completely secure, reliable, and scalable.