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The Top 5 Tools for Managing Startup Programs on Windows 10

The Top 5 Tools for Managing Startup Programs on Windows 10

by Online PC Technicians

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The Top 5 Tools for Managing Startup Programs on Windows 10

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The Top 5 Tools for Managing Startup Programs on Windows 10

The Top 5 Tools for Managing Startup Programs on Windows 10

Managing startup programs on Windows 10 is an important task to keep your PC running smoothly. Too many programs loading at startup can cause your computer to be slow and sluggish. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 tools for managing startup programs on Windows 10.

1. Task Manager

The first tool you can use to manage startup programs on Windows 10 is Task Manager. This built-in Windows tool is available on all Windows 10 PCs and is easy to access. To open Task Manager, you can right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager. Once Task Manager is open, click on the Startup tab to view and manage your startup programs. From here, you can enable or disable specific programs from starting up with Windows.

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2. CCleaner

CCleaner is a popular third-party program that can help manage your startup programs. Along with cleaning junk files and optimizing your computer, it also has a startup manager tool that allows you to disable or enable specific programs from starting with Windows. CCleaner offers a free and paid version, and the startup manager feature is available in both.

3. Autoruns

Autoruns is a powerful tool from Sysinternals that gives you a complete view of every program that starts up with Windows. It is more advanced than Task Manager and gives you more control over your startup programs. Autoruns is a free tool and can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. However, it is not recommended for beginners as it can be quite complex to use.

4. Startup Delayer

Startup Delayer is a third-party tool that can help speed up your computer by delaying the startup of some programs. This can help reduce the load on your CPU and make your computer more responsive. Startup Delayer is easy to use and allows you to customize the startup order of your programs. The basic version of Startup Delayer is free, but you can also purchase a paid version for more advanced features.

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5. Soluto

Soluto is a free tool that is designed to help improve the boot time of your computer. Along with managing your startup programs, Soluto also includes a feature called PC Genome that uses crowd-sourcing to identify the best settings for your computer. Soluto is a great tool for those who want a simple and easy-to-use program that can help improve the performance of their computer.


1. Why is it important to manage startup programs on Windows 10?

Too many startup programs can slow down your computer and make it sluggish. It's important to manage your startup programs to ensure that only necessary programs are loading from the start.

2. Can I disable all startup programs?

No, you should not disable all startup programs. Some programs, such as antivirus software and system utilities, should be allowed to start up with Windows.

3. Is it safe to use third-party tools for managing startup programs?

Yes, it is safe to use third-party tools for managing startup programs as long as you download from a reputable website. Make sure to research the tool before downloading it.

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