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Stellar Data Recovery: A Comprehensive Review

Stellar Data Recovery: A Comprehensive Review

by Online PC Technicians

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Stellar Data Recovery: A Comprehensive Review

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Stellar <a href="">Data Recovery</a>: A Comprehensive Review

Stellar Data Recovery: A Comprehensive Review

Stellar Data Recovery is a powerful software tool designed to assist individuals and businesses in recovering lost data from various storage devices. Whether you have accidentally deleted important files, experienced a system crash, or encountered a virus attack, Stellar Data Recovery is here to help you restore your valuable data.


  • Wide Range of File Formats: Stellar Data Recovery supports the recovery of various file formats, including photos, videos, audio files, documents, emails, and more.
  • Multiple Storage Device Support: This software can recover data from a wide range of storage devices, including hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, memory cards, and external storage devices.
  • Deep Scan and Quick Scan: Stellar Data Recovery utilizes a deep scan algorithm to search for lost or deleted files thoroughly. The quick scan option provides faster results for recently deleted files.
  • Preview Before Recovery: With the preview feature, you can view a preview of recoverable files to ensure you select the correct ones for restoration.
  • File Repair: In addition to recovering lost data, Stellar Data Recovery also offers the ability to repair corrupted or damaged files, further enhancing its utility.
  • Customized Recovery: You can customize the recovery process by specifying file types, file sizes, or even specific folders to save time and narrow down the search.
  • Safe and Secure: Stellar Data Recovery ensures the safety of your data by implementing non-destructive recovery techniques, meaning your original files remain intact.

How Does It Work?

Stellar Data Recovery operates in three simple steps:

  1. Select: Choose the type of data you want to recover and select the storage device from which you need the recovery.
  2. Scan: The software performs a thorough scan of the selected storage device to locate deleted or lost files.
  3. Recover: Preview the recoverable files and choose the ones you want to retrieve. Click on the recover button to save the files to a secure location.


1. Is Stellar Data Recovery compatible with both Windows and Mac?

Yes, Stellar Data Recovery provides versions for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

2. Can Stellar Data Recovery recover data from a physically damaged hard drive?

Yes, Stellar Data Recovery has advanced algorithms that can handle logical as well as physical disk failures.

3. How long does the scan process take?

The scan process duration depends on the size of the storage device and the complexity of the data loss. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

4. Can I recover data from a formatted drive?

Yes, Stellar Data Recovery can recover data from formatted drives. However, the chances of successful recovery may vary depending on the level of formatting and any subsequent data writes.

5. Is it possible to recover specific types of files only?

Yes, Stellar Data Recovery allows you to filter the scan results by file type, making it easy to selectively recover specific types of files.

6. Does Stellar Data Recovery guarantee 100% data recovery?

While Stellar Data Recovery is a powerful and reliable tool, it cannot guarantee a 100% recovery rate. The chances of successful recovery depend on various factors, including the condition of the storage device and the extent of data damage.

7. Can I use the software on multiple devices with a single license?

No, Stellar Data Recovery licenses are typically valid for single device usage. If you need to use the software on multiple devices, separate licenses are required.

8. Is technical support available?

Yes, Stellar Data Recovery offers technical support to assist users with any queries or issues during the recovery process.

9. What precautions should I take before performing data recovery?

It is essential to stop using the affected storage device immediately to minimize data overwriting. Additionally, it is recommended to install Stellar Data Recovery on a different drive to avoid overwriting the lost data.

10. Can I try the software for free before purchasing?

Yes, Stellar Data Recovery offers a free trial version with limitations. It allows you to scan for recoverable files, but to actually save them, you need to purchase the full version.

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