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Software and OS Updates

While you are busy working on the computer, it can be annoying to see prompts that ask you to update your OS or anti-virus program.  Some upgrades require some extra money.  And some require that you reset your computer after the update.  For whatever reason if you keep procrastinating on your software updates it can at some point it time interfere with the speedy performance of your computer.  This is because these updates are probably related to providing the required code to your existing software to be virus or Spyware resistant and when you do not upgrade, your computer obviously becomes prone to attacks and eventually slows down in performance.


Automate your updates to make things easy.  If you are not interested that way for the fear of having so many unwanted updates happening to all the software in your computer leading to overall slowdown, you can choose to contract our services to periodically avail services to optimize your computer to improve the speed of your computer.