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Indications for a Probable Virus Infection on Your Computer

  • If your computer is running very slowly than normal, then there are probabilities for a virus infection in your computer. In some cases, Spyware and Adware can as well slow down the performance of your computer.
  • Some viruses tend to delete essential program files from Windows or your operating system.  As a result of missing program files from your operating system, you are likely to face error messages that are displayed very often on your screen.
  • If your Windows is shutting down suddenly or if your computer is shutting down for no valid reason that is as well a sign of probable virus infection.
  • Virus transmission happens via e-mails and other messenger services.  Automated virus e-mails duplicate themselves and transmit themselves by automatically sending mails to all the addresses in your contact list via e-mail or other messenger services.  If your contacts inform you of unnecessary links being posted to their mails or messenger programs, you are probably having a virus infection in your computer.  When this is not fixed it can turn out to be an ongoing problem not only for you, but your contacts as well.
  • Computer starts to play random clips of voice files or sound clips.