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How to Fix Your Smartphone\’s Cracked Screen at Home

How to Fix Your Smartphone\’s Cracked Screen at Home

by Online PC Technicians

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How to Fix Your Smartphone’s Cracked Screen at Home

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How to Fix Your Smartphone's Cracked Screen at Home

How to Fix Your Smartphone's Cracked Screen at Home

Accidents happen, and one of the most common mishaps with smartphones is a cracked screen. Instead of rushing to a repair shop and spending a significant amount of money, you can try fixing it yourself at home. Here are a few DIY methods to help you fix your cracked smartphone screen:

1. Check if the Phone is Functioning Properly

Before attempting any repairs, make sure your phone is still functioning. If the touch and display are working fine, you may only need to replace the glass. However, if the phone is unresponsive or has jumbled colors, you might need a full display replacement.

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2. Gather the Necessary Tools

You'll need a few tools to repair the cracked screen:

  • Small screwdriver set
  • Plastic pry tool or guitar pick
  • New screen replacement
  • Adhesive or double-sided tape

3. Prepare your Workspace

Find a clean and well-lit workspace to perform the repairs. Cover the area with a clean cloth or towel to prevent any scratches or damage to your phone or the surface.

4. Remove the Cracked Screen

Using a small screwdriver, carefully remove the screws securing the screen. Then, use a plastic pry tool or guitar pick to detach the cracked screen from the phone's housing. Be gentle and take your time to avoid any further damage.

5. Install the New Screen

Line up the new screen with the connectors on the smartphone's motherboard. Carefully connect the cables and press firmly to ensure a secure connection. Replace the screws to secure the new screen in place.

6. Test the Phone

Before completely sealing the phone, test the new screen to ensure it is functioning properly. Power on the device and check for any touch responsiveness or display issues. If everything looks good, proceed to the next step.

7. Seal the Phone

Apply adhesive or double-sided tape to secure the new screen to the phone's housing. Be sure to align it precisely and press firmly to ensure a strong bond. Clean any excess adhesive and let it dry as per the manufacturer's instructions.


Q: Can I fix a cracked screen without replacing it?

A: In most cases, it is recommended to replace the cracked screen as repairing it without replacing may lead to further complications.

Q: Is it possible to fix a smartphone screen with DIY methods?

A: Yes, it is possible to fix a cracked smartphone screen at home if you have the necessary tools and follow the correct procedures. However, be cautious as it may void your warranty or cause irreversible damage.

Q: Should I seek professional help if I am not confident in my DIY skills?

A: If you are uncertain about your DIY skills or fear further damage, it is advisable to seek professional help from a certified repair technician.

Q: How long does it take to fix a cracked smartphone screen?

A: The time required to fix a cracked smartphone screen may vary depending on your expertise and the complexity of the repair. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.

Q: Can I prevent a cracked screen?

A: While accidents cannot always be avoided, using screen protectors and protective phone cases can significantly reduce the chances of a cracked screen.

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