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About Us

Our Primordial Days

Online PC Technicians started off as a mission headed by two computer technicians who turned to be entrepreneurs.
We started off providing on-site PC technical help to our friends and peers.

Things Were Not Easy

It was not easy to be traveling from one client’s place to another providing technical service.  We paid more for fuel.  We had to cut down our service charge to make clients feel comfortable with our bills.

What We Dreamt Of

We dreamt of an easy way to offer computer service.

The Gift from the Technology Fairy

Remote access technology indeed came as the gift from technology making our zero-travel service come true.

Increased Productivity and Zero Fuel Expenditure

We enjoyed the increased productivity in service and the comfort of being able to serve many clients right from our office cubicle.  Remote access technology helped us bypass the hassle of having to travel from one client’s place to another.  At a point in time we gave up on on-site service for few valid reasons:

  • We were able to serve increased number of clients without leaving our desk.
  • We had to spend less in fuel and therefore we were able to offer our service at a comparatively lesser cost.
  • Remote access made odds hour service ethical and possible. We opened up our 24 x 7 service desk.
  • We went global from being just local!
  • We were making enough money serving clients online.

Today, we are the favorite “Save Our Ship” technical help, not only locally but also internationally.

Individuals and small business entrepreneurs love us, and we are proud and happy to be in their favorite top techie list.  Are you facing PC issues, try us without apprehension and you will be glad you tried us.

Something special about our service is that we are available beyond local, district, state, national and international boundaries for service!